The Certification body - Procedure

Potential clients are informed about the certification process and all other relevant information on the Institute IMS web pages, by correspondence or direct contact with the Institute IMS. In the phase of initial contact certification body receives the basic information from the client about the product to be certified.

In this phase certification body informs a client about:
  • Documents relevant to the certification process
  • Manner of submitting application for certification,
  • Cost of the product certification
  • Rights and obligations of the client, including payment procedure.

The certification process, carried out by the certification body of the Institute IMS, consists of the following phases:
  • Submission of an application for certification;
  • Application review;
  • Contracting (Making proposal);
  • Evaluation (sampling, testing of characteristics prescribed in technical specification/
  • Review of results;
  • Certification decision;
  • Granting the certificate and the mark of conformity;
  • Surveillance.

Submission of an application for certification
Client applies for the product certification by submitting an application for certification on the official form and confirms that agrees to the terms of certification. Enclosed with the application for certification the client has to submit all documents, which according to standards, technical regulations or technical specifications, are required by the certification body.
Application review
The certification body will review received application in order to determine if given information about client and product are sufficient for carrying out the certification process, is it clearly defined subject and scope of required certification, are all the differences between the Institute IMS and the client removed, as well as to determine whether the IMS Institute is able to carry out the certification process. Review also includes checking the potential risk to the independence and impartiality. During the review a client may be asked for additional information.
IMS Institute conducts product certification, for which it is qualified, so in the absence of any competence or capacity for carrying out the certification process, refuses to conduct it.
Based on potential client application, the manager of the certification body submits an offer oral or in writing. Offer contains data on the scope of certification, the time required for carrying out a product certification, the price and terms of payment. By accepting an offer it is accessed to the realization of the next phase of the certification process.
In case of acceptance an offer, signed and verified application form where the client declares that he is familiar with document ST 02, The Institute IMS rules for the product certification and its obligations is considered as certification agreement.
If there is interest and opportunity for long-term cooperation, the preparation of contract with the client begins.
Evaluation (sampling, testing)
Sampling of product, in accordance with certification schemes, is carried out by assigned personnel of the Institute IMS. The Certification body carries out testings with its own internal resources, accredited laboratories of the Institute IMS or other competent laboratory.
Review of product evaluation results
After completing the evaluation, the person authorized to review the product, shall review all information and evaluation results, based on the criteria in the relevant standards, technical regulations or technical specification and shall give proposal to the manager of the certification body for certification decision.
Certification decision
On the basis of authorized person proposal, the manager of the certification body will bring decision on granting/not granting a certification. If the decision is positive, two copies of the Certificate of conformity are submitted to the client. When there are negative findings and decision not to grant a certificate, the client shall be informed of the reasons for such a decision. Information on issued certificates is published in the Directory of certified clients, which is available on the web pages of the Institute IMS. This Directory is updated with the status of clients in relative to certification (extended, suspended, withdrawn, terminated).
Granting the certificate and the mark of conformity
Based on Certificate of Conformity, the client will be entitled to use the mark of conformity. The certification body of the Institute IMS informs the client of the obligation of putting the mark of conformity on a product (or in some other convenient way) and provides logo of the mark of conformity for the current year. The use of certificates and mark of conformity is further elaborated in the document STU 04, Rules for the use of certificates and mark of conformity.
Conditions for maintaining certificate
In order to maintain certificate the Institute IMS is carrying out surveillance for all its clients. The aim of surveillance is to determine whether the certified products permanently complies with the requirements of standards or technical regulations according to which have been certified, and whether the certificate and the mark of conformity are used in accordance with document STU 04, Rules for the use of certificate and mark of conformity.
Responding to complaints / appeals
Clients have the right to make a complaint and/or appeal in all cases when they consider that they are damaged in the product certification process, conducted by the Institute IMS. The IMS Institute will approach to the complaints/ appeals, in an appropriate manner and in accordance with the document STP 04, Procedure for solving of complaint and appeals.


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