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IMS is the leading engineering and technology Institute in Serbia dedicated to the research and development of construction and materials.


IMS Building Technology is one of selected technologies that UNDP-UNOPS promotes at an international level as a part of the IDEASS programme


You can view recent improvements and the research work, as well as experiences from the process of implementation. Read about range of activities


During its long and reach history,
IMS Institute has taken part in the biggest construction projects, both in the country and abroad

Branko Žeželj-member of the Serbian Academy of Arts and Scientists, civil engineer, inventor, university professor

Branko Žeželj is remembered to be one of the greatest and most active constructors in the world.
He was one of the founders and managers of the IMS Institute and the winner of the highest Serbian and international awards.
His original solutions in the domain of civil engineering are accepted and praised worldwide.

The movie about this great scientist and creator of original IMS prestressing system watch


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