The Centre for materials - References

  • Highway "Bratstvo - jedinstvo" through Serbia
  • Study on heavy concrete for the nuclear reactor in Vinca
  • Hydroelectric power plants: “Bajina Basta”, “Potpec”, “Djerdap I” with boat crossing, “Piva” (Mratinje), “Sjenica”, RHE “Bajina Basta”, “Globocica", "Kokin Brod", "Bistrica"
  • Dams: “Zlatbor”, “Gazivode”, “Pridvorica”, “Vrutci”, “Gruza”, “Barje”, “Grliste”, “Rovni”, “Selova”, “Prvonek”
  • Hall I of the Belgrade Fair
  • TLM “Boris Kidric” Sibenik
  • Congress centre and congress hall New Belgrade
  • MKS "Smederevo"
  • Bridges across the Danube near Novi Sad and Beska and several bridges on the railways Belgrade-Bar
  • Laboratories for concrete abroad, as follows: Togo, Egypt, Burma, Czechoslovakia, Iraq, Kuwait, Libya, Algeria, Russia, the Philippines
  • Testing and control of compliance of fractional stone aggregate quality in nearly 60 separations and production sections throughout SR Yugoslavia
  • Quality control of clay and ceramic tiles and sanitary ceramics, both imported and from domestic producers
  • Reparation of monuments of cultural and historical importance: The Statue of Victor on Kalemegdan, Haiduk’s Fountain in Kosutnjak, The Fortress in Sremska Mitrovica, the façade of the mausoleum on Oplenac, as well as of Saint Sava's Temple on Vracar
  • Reparation of wall coverings made of facade bricks on objects: Lazarica in Krusevac, the Nursery and the Racetrack in Sabac, Cerak II, 25th May in Belgrade etc.
  • Supervision over building-in of architecural and constructional stone in Knez Mihajlova Street, Railway Station in Belgrade, Vuk's Monument and the National Bank of Yugoslavia (under construction) in Belgrade.
  • Technology for cement production
  • Technology for use of fly ash in construction material industry
  • Technology for production of materials for final and special construction works
  • Technology for production of prefabricated elements from cell concrete
  • Technology for production of construction plaster and plaster prefabricates
  • Technology of utilisation of waste chemical plaster as time regulator for bonding portland cement F.C. "Kosjeric", F.C. "Novi Popovac", F.C. "Beocin"
  • "IMSING"- special additive to concrete which lessens the need for water and causes the expansion of concrete
  • CEN standard three-fraction sand
  • Acoustic project for ”SNP” (Serbian National Theatre) Novi Sad
  • Acoustic project for Belgrade Clinical Centre
  • Noise and thermal protection project for about 200 buildings and 10 airports
  • Measuring noise insulation on more than 600 buildings
  • Measuring thermal insulation and air capacity on over 250 buildings
  • Hydro insulation design for performance and rebuilding of HE „Djerdap”, water factory „Makis”, the Belgrade Fair hall
  • Measuring fire resistance on over 100 construction elements and structures
  • Protection project design for drinking water factory: Makis - Belgrade, "Rzav" - Arilje, "Cool" I and II - Iraq
  • Project design and performance of cathode protection on pipelines in: Bor, Kotor, Belgrade, Krusevac
  • Project design and supervision over management of hydroinsulation of the equipment in HE „Djerdap”, „Perucica” and „Pirot”
  • Project design and supervision over management of hydroinsulation of the bridge "Gazela" in Belgrade and the bridge on the Danube near Beska


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