Logistics - The quality system

The IMS Institute tends to keep up with the trends in all segments of its operations. The activities which have been performed by the IMS Institute are not just a question of prestige and making an image, but have been forced as something without which it will simply be impossible to do business in future.
The general management decided to improve the quality of all segments of its operations and to give services of continuous quality by understanding the changes in the outer surroundings and adequate response to these changes.
The Quality System Department was founded and the work on introducing quality system was started so that on 15th December 2004 the IMS Institute was certified by The Society for Certification and Quality System Control (ATS) according to SRPS ISO 9001:2008 (translated ISO 9001:2008 in local) standard (certificate with the registration number Q-1204-IIIR) for the following fields:
  • testing and experimental development in technical and technological sciences
  • design and supervision in construction
  • technical testing and analyses

The IMS Institute accredited the laboratories according to SRPS EN 17025:2006 standard and the certification body for products according to SRPS ISO/IEC 17065:2013 standard with the Accreditation Body of Serbia – ATS.

The starting points of the IMS Institute for the advancement of its QMS are:

  • defined quality policy
  • general and specific quality gaols
  • quality plans
  • inspection results (internal, certifying, inspections through other parties, by parties concerned).

The document which was used by the IMS Institute was the Quality Policy of the IMS Institute.

The Quality System Department, within the IMS Institute, continuously works on permanent improvement and advancement of the existing quality system.

The personnel in the IMS Institute who have through training and testing system gained the function of an internal inspector are authorized to carry out internal inspections, which through the proposed prevention measures lead to constant improvement of the Quality Management System.

The IMS Institute has gained tradition and experience in the protection of intellectual property for more than 40 years.

The IMS Institute has been recognized in the country and around the world by its academician, designer and inventor Branko Zezelj.



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