IMS Institute - Activities

The IMS Institute is a scientific research organization whose main activity is scientific research and applied work in the field of construction designs, housing construction, prestressing systems, construction materials technology, control of thermo and hydro- electric power plant equipment, protection of objects from water, heat, noise, fire, etc.
During its eight decades long and rich history, the IMS Institute has taken part in the biggest construction projects, both in the country and abroad (IMS construction technology has been used in a dozen of countries around the world) and during that time it has gained the reputation of an independent research and consulting organization.
Thanks to its personnel potential, equipment and technical means it possesses, the IMS Institute is capable of delivering qualified services in the field of its activities.

Constant work on improvement of the existing technologies and development of new ones, together with the development of informatics and quality system in the world, gets more and more important role in the Institute’s programmes. All this requires permanent education of the personnel and modernizing of the equipment with successful co-operation with ministries, other scientific research institutions, faculties and industry.

The activities of the IMS Institute are from various technical disciplines, and they include:

The field of materials
  • Stone, aggregate rock, sand
  • Construction ceramics
  • Concrete technology
  • Connective materials, insulations and anticorrosive protection
  • Construction physics
  • Wood and synthetic materials
  • Ecology
The field of metals and energetics
  • Mechanical-technological testing of metals
  • Standardization
  • Machine equipment control and testing
The field of roads and geotechnique
  • Technology design and construction of roads
  • Geotechnical researches
  • Geotechnical structures design
The field of structures
  • Prestressed structures design
  • Prestressing systems design
  • High-rise building design and construction technology
  • Structures reparation design
  • Testing and research of structures
The field of certification
Quality management system

As a multidisciplinary organization the IMS Institute performs its functions through a wide range of activities:

  • Scientific research in all the fields of construction and construction materials industry
  • Certification of materials and products
  • Giving expert opinions, studies, consulting services, control
  • Training and specialization of personnel
  • Development and application of information systems in construction
  • High-rise building design
  • Prefabricated construction system design and production technology
  • Development and placement of prestressing systems and technologies and performance of expert work on structures prestressing
  • Testing and research on all types of structures
  • Structures reparation design and performance of expert and reparation work
  • Expert testing during repairs of hydro and thermoelectric plants
  • Testing and inspection of components and equipment, measure checking/adjusting machines, design and production of equipment, machines and instruments for testing materials and raw-materials
  • Design of new and reconstruction of old civil engineering objects
  • Research and testing in the field of measuring noise, vibrations, noise insulation, fire protection
  • Compliance of domestic standards with European regulations


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