The Centre for roads and geotechnique - Activities

  • Production of Justifiability studies
  • Analysis of the state of the existing road structures
  • Dimensioning of new road structures for roads of various classes, airport runways and other kinds of traffic lines
  • Dimensioning of reinforcement of damaged road structures
  • Production of project documentation for construction and reconstruction of roads, streets and airports
  • Production of database on roads
  • Production of technical conditions with details on technology of implanting new kinds of materials according to current Yugoslav standards, as well as materials which are not incorporated in JUS standards
  • Research for the sake of introduction of new construction methods by modern technological procedure of material processing, the application of new working methods and suitable machinery
  • Project inspection
  • Design of special asphalt mixtures which are used for special purposes, but are not made according to standards (road surfaces on bridges, sports terrains, floors etc.)
  • Design of preliminary mixtures for standard asphalt systems
  • Design of preliminary mixtures of mechanically and chemically stabilized materials
  • Asphalt testing for the needs of ideological and main projects production
  • Geomechanical testing for the needs of ideological and main projects production
  • Production of project documentation on borrowings of earth materials and their choice during construction of roads and airport lines
  • Quality control of materials, performed work and constructed road structures
  • Expert technical supervision during the construction of civil engineering objects
  • Recording of roads with video equipment and computer processing of video recordings for the sake of database on roads and road management system at the republic and regional level
  • Testing of the state of the existing road structures in order to determine their capacity, level of damages and causes of damages, with the use of up-to-date methods
  • Testing of superficial characteristics of road surfaces (roughness, smoothness, skidding resistance)
  • Testing and measuring of effects of frost as an important factor which influences the working life of road structure
  • Levelling recording of road surfaces
  • Traffic data processing
  • Collecting of data and their input into the database on roads
  • Expert help in maintenance of exploited road structures
  • Optimization of maintenance work and defining priorities with previous evaluation of road network
  • Research in the field of road mechanics
  • Research in the field of ground mechanics used with roads
  • Research on possibilities of use of non-standard materials in road construction
  • Improvement in equipment and testing methods
  • Production of studies, expert opinions and giving opinions on complex problems concerning civil engineering
  • Production of studies for the estimate of the influence of a road on environment with giving an expert opinion for decreasing the influence of the road
  • Research and production of programmes for use of computers in civil engineering
  • Development of relational databases
  • Development of IMS – video system for activation of road data {}


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