The Centre for materials - Activities

Testing of raw materials and component materials for concrete
Standard and non-standard researches and testing of raw materials and constituent materials for concrete, testing of physical, mechanical and reological features of fresh and hardened concrete, planning composition through previous researches and testing with the choice of materials for concrete, subsequent quality control of built-in concrete by methods with destruction and the combination of non-destructive and destructive methods, expert supervision and control over laboratories producing concrete, active involvement in boards on producing SRPS standards and regulations in the field of constituent concrete parts and concrete
Geological researches of non-metallic raw materials
Geological researches of non-metallic raw materials for production of construction materials (technical and decorative stone, sand, brick and ceramic clay etc.), quality control of stone, aggregate rock, brick products and clay and concrete tiles, ceramic tiles, ceramic pipes and sanitary ceramics, control and improvement of production processes in brick and ceramic industry, production of rebuilding programmes and supervision during the rebuilding of wall and floor surfaces, roof surfaces and facades made of stone and ceramic materials.
Testing and quality control of raw materials, materials and final products
Testing and quality control of raw materials, materials and final products: cement, lime, plaster; additional materials for concrete; injection masses; mortars and inorganic façade materials; cell concrete; secondary raw materials, researches connected to production of special kinds of cement, as well as mortar for special purposes, evaluation of secondary raw materials in construction, evaluation of waste from construction materials industry, consulting, performance, supervision, expert studies and guarantees
Noise, thermal and fire fighting protection
Testing of materials, structures and elements of buildings and complete buildings regarding noise, thermal and fire fighting protection
Testing and quality control
Testing and quality control of raw materials, materials and products, attestation of products according to permission given by YUTA, consulting, performance and supervision: studies, expert opinions, production of projects on development of investment and developmental programmes, rebuilding and revitalization projects, training of expert personnel and directive supervision over performance and rebuilding of construction buildings.
Testing of corrosion and durability of materials
Corrosion and durability of materials: due to effects of solid, liquid and gas aggressive surroundings; aging of all kinds of materials under the influence of surroundings; reological behaviour of materials; prevention of aging and degrading of materials; repairs of damages caused by corrosion and aging; systems of anode, cathode and protectional conservation of steel, reinforced concrete structures and structures made of prestressed concrete
Scientific research projects
Scientific research projects and studies: improvement of the existing materials’ quality and finding new ones; innovations in production technologies; protection of environment; energy saving; increase in durability of buildings; rationalization of solutions for protection and revitalization of objects; characterization and identification of materials of unknown composition in order to substitute foreign materials by domestic ones.


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